About us

The company was founded in 2006. JSC EKO STOMA has varied size dredgers which can be used to clean big or small pools of water such as removing sludge, slit, flora, clearing shores, digging new or renewing old silty pools of water. Also, the company does soil forming and provides with the services of water pool digging and shore clearing.


Our services


Flora removal, sludge suction

Using a dredger‘s rake we can remove floating and growing plants. If there is a need, we can schred the plants and this schredded mass can be put directly on the shore. With help of a pump we clean silty pools of water.We can transport sludge from the bottom using pulp pumps to 1,5km radius.

Work in the protected areas

Our dredgers are eco-friendly that‘s why they are irreplacable implementing the environmental projects in the reserves, regional and national parks without any damage to the eco-system. Works in the protected areas are carried out with one low noise machine without interfering in nature‘s harmony.

Clearing lakes, pools of water, rivers and canals. Clearing the shores

EKO STOMA technelology is a great solution to clearing the shores of water pools in towns, cities and the suburbs. We clear the pools of water by pumping stored sludge from the bottom; we can also deepen, renovate and clear the shores. We can do work in the areas which can be done only using our tehnologies.



SCF EKO STOMA has a huge experience in clearing the pools of water. It has cleaned Mastis lake in Telšiai, the pools of water of Oginskis park in Plungė, Visaginas lake, lakes of Didžiulis and Babrukas in Trakai district and others. All works are carried out effectively and professionally.








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